Action Script – Hype Audio Data Final

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


This assignment is for Advanced Action Script – Hype Audio Data project. The above image is my final render.

My final SWF file is here


The Approach:

We were required to use the Action Script Hype Framework to analyze the audio data of a song. Using that data, we were to capture and create a final image.  I used the song ‘Little Sister’  – Queens of the Stone Age.  Always loved it – and thought that the heavy guitar and drums would make for some good audio data.

The Challenge:

There were several challenges in this project.  The first was the capturing of the image from the Hype render.

While I had scripted into my code the ‘Save PNG’ commands enabling save image, the audio analyzer framework would interfere with saving a PNG correctly.  The workaround for this problem was to right-click and ‘Print’ on the Hype render and save the image as a PDF , instead of ‘Save PNG’.

The second challenge that I am currently experiencing is that my audio data analyzer SWF file does not display properly without being played from inside Flash. The audio track plays and the hype renders the data, but not fully. It is quite puzzling. I have made sure that all files are included in the right folders.  I will update this once I figure out the solution…

The Goal:

The goal for this project was ultimately have a SWF render to accompany the final image. I am experiencing difficulty with my file at the moment, and am in process of trying to find a fix…

This is the next step before final effects are added.


Below is the original render of the audio track.


And here is the song for your listening/viewing pleasure. Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister.


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